Youth Academy


To celebrate the centenary of Finland’s independence, conductor Jukka-Pekka Saraste and the Finnish Chamber Orchestra established a Youth Academy to which students studying for a professional musician’s qualification or degree in Finland may apply. What makes the Youth Academy unique is its focus also on chamber music, which is the foundation of ensemble playing not only in the Finnish Chamber Orchestra but also in large symphony orchestras. The teachers and mentors in the Youth Academy are members of the Finnish Chamber Orchestra. In this exceptional programme, young musicians will have the opportunity to perform under Jukka-Pekka Saraste in a top-rank orchestra at several concerts, for instance at the Tammisaari Summer Concerts in August. The Youth Academy is a three-year project implemented with funding from the Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation.

Who can apply?

Young people studying for a professional musician’s qualification or degree at a conservatory or university of applied sciences in Finland, or at the Sibelius Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki, may apply to the Youth Academy. In 2019 the Academy has auditions only for flute and clarinet.

Applying to the Youth Academy


Application procedure:

Applicants are selected by audition. The application period closes in March 30, 2019.

To apply for an audition, please send the following materials to Anna Henriksson at the Finnish Chamber Orchestra office (

  • CV including contact details (e-mail and phone number)
  • a brief freeform application detailing who you are, what your musical background is and why you are interested in the Finnish Chamber Orchestra Youth Academy. A couple of sentences on each point is enough.

The mentors of the Finnish Chamber Orchestra will pre-screen applicants and select those who will be invited to audition. Successful applicants will be sent an invitation to the audition by April 1 together with PDFs of the orchestral parts that they are required to play at the audition.


Audition repertoire:


1st movement from a Mozart flute concerto No. 1 in G major

+ a freely selected work in whole or in part (6–8 min) with accompaniment

+ orchestral parts from Mozart Symphony no 41, Jupiter, that will be sent out after the application deadline, March 30



1st and 2nd movement from a Mozart concerto with cadenza

+ a freely selected work in whole or in part (6–8 min) with accompaniment

+ orchestral parts that will be sent out after the application deadline, on 30 March


NOTE! Applicants are required to obtain the sheet music for the audition repertoire themselves, except for the orchestral parts that will be sent out by e-mail.




The Finnish Chamber Orchestra will provide a pianist for the audition. Applicants will have a chance to rehearse with the pianist before the audition. NOTE! If you are bringing your own accompanist to the audition, please notify Anna Henriksson (



Auditions in Helsinki 13 Apr 2019

The auditions will be held in Helsinki on April 13, 2019. A more detailed timetable will be sent to applicants invited to audition after the application deadline in March.

The jury for the auditions will consist of members of the Finnish Chamber Orchestra. There will be no screen at the auditions.

The results of the auditions will be announced after the auditions.

The Finnish Chamber Orchestra will reimburse the travel and accommodation costs related to the audition, if any, of only those auditioning applicants who are accepted for the Youth Academy (NOT of applicants who are rejected!).





Schedule 2019


March 30 Application period for auditions closes


April 1 Results of pre-screening


April 16 Auditions in Helsinki


TBC Chamber music rehearsals in Helsinki, schedule designed with each ensemble


May 25.-26. Rehearsals in Helsinki


July 27. - Aug 3. Tammisaari Summer Concerts (Helsinki and Tammisaari)


We will also offer musicians the opportunity to perform in chamber music ensembles at private functions of our partners. Times and repertoire are to be agreed separately. Youth Academy members will be paid a daily allowance in cases where the criteria for a daily allowance are fulfilled, and travel and accommodation will be reimbursed as necessary.


The following musicians were chosen to the Youth Academy in auditions in 2018:

Ella Griinari, violin
Sisu Sieppala, violin
Amanda Ernesaks, violin
Kati Välimaa, violin
Violetta Varo, violin
Piia Virtanen, violin
Charlotte Loukola, violin
Charlotta Westerback, viola
Kathy Hao, flute
Claudia Reys Segovia, clarinet
Leena Salminen, oboe
Heljä-Maaria Rantanen, bassoon

In 2017, the following musicians started in the  Youth Academy:

Maya Dufour, violin
Sirkku Helin, violin
Emmi Peltola, violin
Emma Mali, violin
Venla Närhi, violin
Kaisa Anttila, viola
Oili Tuhkanen, viola
Sameli Vettenranta, viola
Tuomas Roos, cello
Saara Särkimäki, cello
Kaapo Kangas, double bass
Martta Jämsä, flute
Sara Hakaste, oboe
José Carlos Domínguez, clarinet
Aron Mojzer, bassoon